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Best thirst quencher & energy supplier for hot summer days – Try our “Vita-Smoothie”!

In the summer a rule is especially important to get through the hot days: Drink, drink, drink! Because the fluid and mineral loss caused by sweating can lead to circulatory problems if it is not balanced in time.

Try our “Vita-Smoothie”!

Celery sticks (2 pcs / 150 g)
fresh Pineapple (1 slice / 150 g)
Cucumber (about 10 cm / 100 g)
5 ice cubes
250 ml of water

Cut everything into small pieces, mix it and enjoy!
120 kcal, fat: 1 g, carbohydrates 24 g, protein 3 g

Just completed a workout?

Now, it’s time to refuel: “Your workout’s not complete until you eat,” saying famous dietitians!
With a small banana (70 g) additional a perfect energy supplier
183 kcal, fat 1 g, KH 38g, protein 4 g

..or add also a scoop of your favourite protein powder and half avocado to replace a meal, good balanced in nutritional value!

Sit down and enjoy slowly!