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Nutrition & Peace Food - Decisive Foundation of fundamentally good Health!

Healthy nutrition is the decisive foundation for fundamentally good health. But what exactly does eating properly involve?

Ruediger Dahlke, a psychologist, whose books I've read since I was 23, has not eaten meat since his early adulthood, and for the past ten years has additionally been following a "wholefood, plant-based" diet. This style of eating has not only afforded him many positive benefits in his own life, but also in the lives of the countless patients that he has interacted with.

In the meantime, these beneficial effects have also been backed up by the results of an extensive range of research studies. The desire shared by so many people for a more responsible handling not only of their own health, but also of the world around them, as well as the people and animals in it can be met by consciously following a vegan lifestyle in the sense of “Peace Food”. This lifestyle offers the chance for peace within each individual, as well as for humanity as a whole, on the only home planet we have. Following in the wake of the earliest books on wholefood, plant-based nutrition, the continually-expanding Peace Food series has become one of the main drivers of the vegan lifestyle, especially amongst the younger generation. Further Peace Food variants, such as the "Peace Food Keto regimen", have proven to be effective for specific disease patterns, in this case, cancer, various neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes I, II, III and weight reduction

In any case, dealing with the topic in the first place influences improving your nutritional properties without having to become "vegan" immediately!