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The Corona Balance Sheet - The Story of a Change that will Change the future!

What happens when a global, over-accelerated, hyper-connected society is stopped in the middle of a run?

Everything can happen. Mass unemployment. Impoverishment. Social decay. Economic crisis. Madness and terror. Civil war. The end of Europe. The collapse of democracy, as many feared, in spring of 2020, when it all began. But what really happened? That depends on what we take as our truth.

When a crisis begins, a cognitive dissonance arises in our mind. There is suddenly a huge gap between the demands on reality and the reality experienced. A deep existential vertigo arises in this gap. The exclamation is: That can't be true! Does the feeling seem familiar to you? The world is not what it should be. It does not correspond to our ideas. But still life goes on. Unusual. Different. Strange. Challenging.

When we face crises, a space of possibility opens up. We suffer losses that we believed were impossible to bear. But it can also happen that what we thought we were missing is suddenly not anymore necessary. That we're amazed because we didn't really need what we felt terribly dependent on. We learn that we can do it differently. This creates a moment of real freedom in ourselves, becoming a new ourselves.

"Understanding coherences is development work. A slow and thorough activity. The division of labor and the specialization and automation that have been driven further and further for centuries has brought us enormous prosperity, but has also robbed us of an overview of our lives - and thus of our ability to act."

From the German book »Zusammendenken« by the publicist Wolf Lotter and inspired by well-known futurologists.