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The importance of establishing a new routine in exceptional situations!

Spontaneity and surprise provide so much excitement in life. That is why vacations are so important. The change refreshes us and breathes new life and inspiration into our bodies and minds. However, what happens when this decision is taken away from us, whether we want more free time or have to adopt a new routine, be it in private life, in family life or at work - without ifs and buts?

Didn't we complain about not having enough free time a few weeks ago? It is simply a new perspective that is now helping. And of course you can be worried if people get sick in the vicinity. However, the focus should be changed as soon as possible and we learn to find a new routine with which we feel comfortable, adapt and make the best of it. A routine is an important way to create healthy habits and maintain peace. When things are more predictable, we are more present and mindful. 

What does this mean and how does this work?

  • Meaningfulness: Routine gives life meaning.
  • Structure and flow: When we know what to expect, we stress less, that provides a calming flow.
  • Momentum: When we feel we are good at something, we can humbly branch out into exploring new ways.
  • Priority: When the routine is established we give priority to things that really are important to us.

How to build a rhythm around our values and self-care in these days? 

  • Media-free mornings: One of the most important habits to cultivate (with or without Corona quarantine), should include avoiding your smartphone-screen reading the latest Corona-News! Consider making it a routine to avoid your online devices for a full two hours!
  • Morning movement: Practice a 5 minutes breathing technique after waking up, 15 minutes yoga, a quick home workout or just put on some of your favourite songs and dance!
  • Focus and clean yourself: Practice somewhat indulgent self-care activity, such as writing in a personal journal. Notice all your projects, thoughts, plans in future and visualize your dreams! 
  • Replacement: Find a replacement for your favourite activities! Just as gym - athletes are now switching to home workouts as a matter of course, there is a satisfactory replacement for everything else. Newly established behaviour increase success anyway! Write down your first ideas!
  • Nightly stretching:  If you are not used to yoga, just open the window and stretch out your back and upper shoulders which is helping to calm your nervous system. Take time to slow your breath. Attempt to empty your mind!

Lean into routine! 

This little steps, and writing daily in your journal new ideas, are not too complicated or too different what you are already doing. Recognize that the routine of daily life is something to be deeply thankful for. The mundanity of daily life is often a space where we can thrive and be grateful, it is in our hands to start step by step! These days more important than ever!