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Employee Motivation - Most valuable, recognized Conditioning Technique!

One of the most valuable, recognized training tools is the “jackpot”. Occasionally, when no good performance is shown, there is still a reward, a praise, apparently for no valid reason. Frequently this type of surprise stimulates to be motivated again. The next time, you or someone of your team, become overwhelmed, maybe what’s needed is a jackpot – a special form of treatment the person didn’t have to work for, but that is just enough to interrupt the current uninspired pattern of behaviour and “jump-start” the recipient into trying something else. Even more important is giving a larger reward that someone expects for excellent behaviour will produce extraordinary efforts in the future!

Do you know someone who either needs or deserves to hit the jackpot today? ...and the most important fact in the management of employees and in everyday life is to be aware of allowing yourself openness in order to accept praise!