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Reset your Body Clock – Part 2 - Late Afternoon & Evening Workouts!

Probably an ideal time for you getting active is late afternoon or early evening due to your busy daily schedule!

Another ideal time for getting active is late afternoon or early evening – anytime from 3 p.m. to before your evening meal. At this time of day, muscle tone naturally begins to rise, so it’s best time for strength training, including weight lifting, or vigorous exercise such as intense indoor cycling. High-intensity athletes often exercise before a protein-rich dinner to help them repair muscle, build muscle mass, and promote recovery. Your muscles absorb and use nutrients in the late afternoon, when repair occurs. Exercising in bright daylight synchronises your brain clock. Due to a daily busy schedule it may be better for some of you to wait until later the day. Even exercise performance has its own circadian clock, and research shows that performance, can vary as much as 25 per cent within a day, according to American specialists. Motor co-ordination and strength peaks in late afternoon, which aids sports performance. Blood flow and pressure are also high in the afternoon, which might improve oxygenation of muscles.

A post dinner workout can soak up a good amount of blood glucose, reducing the spike after an evening meal, but avoid doing high-intensity exercise too late, through - it could disrupt your sleep. Sometimes a simple walk after dinner is the better choice or dividing your workouts into 10-15-minutes blocks through the day works perfectly!

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