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Reset your Body Clock – Part 1 - Early Morning Workout!

Want to boost your brain or build more muscle? It is time to reschedule your workouts!

What’s your favourite time to work out? Perhaps you can’t service the office without hitting the gym first thing. Or maybe you swear by run to help you wind down after a long day. Your workout timing can influence your success! It’0s all down to your body’s circadian rhythms or body’ clock. We are all aware of the inner body clock that helps us wake and sleep. In fact, each of your body’s cells has its inner clock, programmed to turn on or off, influencing every aspect of your health. Even your muscles have a circadian rhythm which helps to boost your fitness.

Early morning training: An early-morning workout offers all-round benefits for your health. Exercising in bright daylight synchronises your brain clock, triggering to co-ordination – to work smoothly through the day and ensure you’ll asleep well at night. Morning outdoor exercise is an important mechanism for mainlining and enhancing brain function, it improves your mood for the rest of the day.

Coming Soon: Early Evening, Late afternoon and after dinner workout benefits!

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