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Think little – Summer thoughts – Ready, steady, go!

You want to boost your memory, sleep more soundly or stick to a healthy lifestyle?

According to a recent survey by a leading supplement Brand, three-quarters of us agree that doing something we used to enjoy in childhood makes us feel happier. The health benefits of these nostalgic activities go far beyond the obvious mood lift. In fact, finding your “inner child” can pay dividends for your mental and physical wellbeing. Embracing the carefree nature of childhood, taking time out of our busy, grown-up schedules to try a few “kidult” activities conjure up feelings of nostalgia. Immersive pastimes help melt away thoughts of the daily grind and take you back to happy-go-lucky time. And – whisper it- even some of those little habits that were once frowned upon by your parents and teachers can actually prove hugely beneficial. If it is difficult for us to switch off, to mediate or simply to calm down, the following inspiration may help faster.

Do some doodling! Need to pay attention? A spot of apparently mindless doodling could help you do just that, say researchers at Plymouth University. Volunteers were asked to listen to a phone call and later recall a list of names and places. Those who had doodled during the call performed 29 per cent better than those who simply sat and listened. The fact of doodling helped to focus by preventing them from daydreaming and zoning out completely from the main task. So don’t feel guilty about scribbling in the margins next time you’re in a meeting! Don‘t worry - You will not lose immediately your focused daily routine that is necessary in the business!