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Introducing Healthy Vita-Hideout!

We all know it, there’s a very specific feeling to a "first time", whether it’s a first journey or a first day at a new job. It’s a combination of exhilaration and fear. And although I’ve read books with psychologic topics since I am 23, the preparation for “Healthy Vita-Hideout” has had the flavour of my first outing. Well, there is no substitute for passion!

I founded 2009 Vitalux Real Estate “with a lot of passion and joy”, it is somehow my Lifetime Achievement, my mission and vocation, but getting what you want from your job and your life often takes mental toughness. This was the reason why, in 2011, I began studying to become a “mental coach”. Primarily for my own development Psychology is, in fact, my second passion, but also to lead the company in the best possible way. And purchasing of a property has so much to do with emotions!

But there was always since the beginning this one reason why the company is called "Vitalux", it includes the word “Vitality” which has so much power in all ways. 10 years later in 2019, finally my little dream came true and the "Healthy Vita-Hideout” was born.

The following posts are just a beginning of what I hope will be a thrilling ongoing motivation about mind set, life coaching and balance for some of you. I love to mix the unusual, searching new homes for people they trust in the service of Vitalux and the passion to motivate others with my own life-experience. I am – as we all are - a work in progress and I let myself inspire of articles, books and others. Life is best lived in forward motion, not in reverse!

Feel free to let me know what inspires and infuriates you:
Doris Kavcic,