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COVID-19: Due to the current global situation 2020 / 2021, we offer our customers the following:

Since we deal with the Corona-Virus very carefully and want to protect our fellow human beings, during the next 2 weeks we will consider which outside appointments we can take in order not to put anyone in danger. We are of course always available for you online and by phone for all important real estate questions.

Doris Kavcic, Vitalux

  • UPDATE: 14.3.2020

Based on the current information, at Vitalux we will adhere to the new guidelines and will not make any personal customer appointments within the coming weeks. Until new, further information is available. We take this time as an opportunity to focus even more on our work in the administrative area to be well prepared for the time after the difficult phase. Of course we continue our activities in the commercialization and marketing of all our properties. Our team is already used to "home office" work, we remain fully functional at all times.

We are always available by phone, WhatsApp and online for all your concerns without any restrictions on our service!

To all good stamina & good health and encouragement to those fighting on the front line against Covid-19!

Doris Kavcic, Vitalux

  • UPDATE: 18.4.2020

Covid-19: Client Update - Referring to the current situation in southern Spain!
We are already focusing on working “with” Covid-19 instead of waiting for “the after”. At Vitalux, we are informing you today about the current situation on site (Surroundings Marbella), which measures we have to take as a result and how we adapt our service accordingly. The state had closed additional branches of business until April 13th, during 2 weeks, which were reopened. These include the important construction sector for the real estate industry, that means construction projects will continue and there will be no delay in completion for this reason. All other restrictions are the same since 14.3.20 and we continue to adjust our service in this regard. Property visits are currently not permitted. Nevertheless, the future is how we live, work and deal with “Covid-19” here on site. Large price reductions are already becoming apparent in the industry, and real estate portals have seen reductions of 15-30% since the end of March 2020. It has to be mentioned here that these should be differentiated. Properties that were set too high in their asking price or luxury properties are more or less affected accordingly.

Personally, I have been taking part in various talks with brokers, building contractors, politicians and lawyers since March, where the mood is quite optimistic, Andalusia will regenerate, realistically it requires great staying power and, above all, cleverly structured decisions. Tourism will be very much affected by the end of 2020, which of course will also affect the real estate industry.

We recommend real estate owners to analyse their personal situation, to which extent a sale should soon be achieved and we advise buyers looking to buy right now. This is an extremely interesting situation for both parties. Why not act like an investor who is now buying at a profit, because sales prices for some properties are easy to negotiate, or selling objects because people who are interested in buying are becoming increasingly interested. We support you in every situation, advise regarding your personal situation, inform about the effect of the current situation on your property sale or purchase, which strategy we advise and present you all properties online on our daily actualized web site. There is already a separate agreement with several owners who have their properties for sale with us, if a property is reserved before removal of quarantine restrictions, an additional price reduction can be negotiated.

If the numbers at Covid-19 continue to improve positively, we might be able to expect an opportunity to view properties with customers who are on site from mid to end of May.

We are available for all your questions as usual and look forward to your feedback!
This situation we see also as a great opportunity for everyone! 

Doris Kavcic, Vitalux 

  • UPDATE: 22.4.2020

As soon as property visits are again possible, we will provide our customers a surgical mask and of course disinfectants at all times! The delivery of these items has just arrived. We continue to handle the Corona Virus very carefully and want to protect our fellow human beings!

Doris Kavcic, Vitalux 

  • UPDATE: 8.5.2020

We are pleased to communicate that we will start with personal property visits from 11.5.2020, of course following the health and safety precautions according to the information received from the Spanish Government. Face masks and disinfectants are always for you available!

Looking forward to see you!

Doris Kavcic, Vitalux

Mutual mindfulness is of indescribable value!