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Vitalux about smart home decor, climate change & sustainability - Resume of Doris Kavcic for 2019!

The new definition of luxury & locations, allowing reduced CO2 emissions journeys

Is solely the location of the property decisive or have the equipment and features convinced more and more in the recent years? The definition of luxury divides spirits. And latest since climate activist Greta Thunberg has shown the world that luxury has a completely different value, there is a new perspective. People think more about the topic "traveling" and it raises the question whether it is always necessary to take an airplane, or if you have to travel several times a year.

Purchasing a property located on the Spanish, Iberian Peninsula, where it is possible to travel without a plane, in Andalusia, where a summery climate all year round can replace holiday trips to distant lands, will always remain an interesting investment. Right now, in times when the issue of climate change cannot be rationalised away anymore, it will significantly change our home culture and it calms down where areas can be reached by a CO2 reduced travel.

An important fact for buyers and vendors is knowing a trustful person, who understands the requirements and selects from the current oversupply of real estates on the market correctly valued objects, or presents to a vendor a market-oriented evaluation. There is always a different view of two people who acquire an exclusive domicile together. Also, the client thinks and calculates differently than the broker, and an appraiser has his own interpretation of luxury. Since the autumn of 2018 a change in the property market around Marbella has been noticeable, which had continued very concretely in fall of 2019. Properties must be skilfully staged, with "Home Staging" and all above with a targeted marketing. A market adapted pricing is self-evident.

Smart staging of living comfort, individual solutions for a perfect interaction and surprising new residential areas - "Vitalux" has specialised since 2009 in a "distinguished" selection of real estates!