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One Speaks About

Doris Kavcic divides her customers into three types - Which “purchasing type” are you?

Particularly in the real-estate sector, luxury and luck go hand in hand, since both create special moments. Everyone has their very unique preferences. Where some get excited by a classic, one-of-a-kind building, others get thrilled when seeing an unpretentious building with a cool interior. “People who get enthusiastic about properties and fill them with love, whether through rental or purchase, inspire us in our daily work,” says Doris Kavcic. She divides her customers into three types:

The “Conservative” loves classic, beautiful things, enjoys investing in art, and tends to belong to the traditional milieu. The “Achiever” is a member of the performance-conscious elite. He has a marked desire for exclusivity. Status, success, and recognition are important to him, meaning that he belongs to the milieu with the greatest purchasing power. He combines style-conscious tradition with modernity in his living environments. He likes buying things in order to make a demonstrative showing of something. The “Performer”, on the other hand, is flexible and belongs to a more globally oriented performance elite. Efficiency and success are top priorities for him. For his residence, he likes a staging that gives a technical, cool impression as an expression of the current zeitgeist. One thing’s for sure: The world of the real estate sector is unique. “Catch the feeling, because we are at the right time at the right place for you!”