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Location is a factor that determines stability and value when re-selling a property!

Doris Kavcic, owner of the estate agency "Residencias Lujosas Vitalux, S.L." explains: "Throughout the world, prices have reached enormous dimensions. It is very interesting to see what the current developments are. For example, the largest non-private, non-royal, non-state landed property in the world covers 11 million hectares and is offered for USD 325 million. The land area is larger than the country Austria and a visit to view it takes a whole week, according to the entrusted agency with selling it, by plane, of course. For the ninth consecutive, the most expensive area is Monaco, where you pay USD 1 million for seventeen square metres of residential area. The ranking will be continued by Hong Kong (20 m²), London (22 m²) and New York (27 m²). Marbella remains attractive for investors and private property enthusiasts, because the climate has a positive impact and prices still cover a wide range – however with a rising tendency."

Ms. Kavcic sums things up as follows: "People’s expectations in the luxury sector are constantly growing. Luxury bathrooms, high-end kitchens, loft-type living spaces, refined built-in elements, the latest technology, wellness areas and, despite the southern climate, discerning heating systems are taken for granted. Nevertheless, such requests have their price: A 150 m² apartment with these advantages situated at frontline beach will cost no less than 1.4 million euros." The price-determining criteria remains the location. Facilities, architecture and features are important factors, but in the luxury segment primarily applies the eternal property rule: location, location, location! This factor determines value and resale value. A good city location does not have to be situated directly in the centre, provided the property is in one of the best suburbs of Málaga, especially around Marbella, and besides has outstanding features, whether it is a large mansion or a little gem of a residence. Such a "Fine selection" is presented at "" because: "We are there at the right time at the right place for you!"