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»De Luxe«-Figures from Doris Kavcic!

Keeping up with the worldwide real estate industry is one of the passions of Ms. Kavcic. From the tallest residential building to the largest hotel suite and the most expensive property – she offers again »De Luxe«-Figures: The Central Park Tower will be 472 meters high after its completion in 2019. The New York skyscraper thus becomes the tallest residential building in the world. 20 of the 179 residential units will cost more than 60 million euro. The largest hotel suite in Europe with 1974 square meters is located in the luxury hotel Atlantis of Zurich, the Royal Residence. From the 830 square meters outdoor terrace you can enjoy a wonderful city-view, while eight bedrooms, three party rooms and a hookah lounge provide space for 15 people. Probably the most expensive property in the world is currently the W.T. Wagoner Ranch in Vernon, Texas. The list price was $ 725 million, which was largely due to the size of the plot, with 2165 square kilometres (equivalent to the area of the island Tenerife) and its 1200 oil pumps.

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