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The famous beach club “Nikki Beach” - The real reason for the launch of the first Nikki Beach!

The real reason for the launch of the first Nikki Beach - Never forgotten. When you drop the name “Nikki Beach” to anyone that’s well-travelled, they instantly associate it with glamorous events, chic beach vibes, music, fashion and fine dining. The brand has 14 locations across 11 countries and is famous for its plush ambience and high-flying clientele.

However, not many know the real reason for the launch of the first Nikki Beach in 1998. In 1997, Nicole Penrod was only 18 years old when she tragically killed in a car crash. A year after Nicole’s death, her father Jack decided to celebrate his daughter’s life by creating Nikki Beach – a beach club for South Beach’s Bohemian community. Since then, it’s grown into a global brand with charitable and philanthropic endeavours at its core to support communities need.

Jack: “Nikki Beach was born to celebrate the life of my daughter Nicole, we didn’t have any plans for a global brand. However, the magic between family concept and our customers created a demand. It was that we decided to strategically expand Nikki Beach worldwide while keeping the core massage behind the brand (a celebrating of life) buy ensuring that each location combined the elements of everything that Nicole loved – Music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art – into one”!

Marbella opens each year the summer season with the annual "white" party at Nikki Beach Club:

Located at the beach of the 5 star hotel “Don Carlos” and only 7 km from the centre of Marbella. Nikki Beach is famous for its luxury and jet-set sophistication. It boasts restaurants, bars, boutiques, pool and a full program at day and nighttime, events, full-moon parties with live music and entertainment nights with various dancers, musicians and DJs.

Nikki Beach has twenty years experience organizing weddings, other party events and offers well organized their services with an ever expanding network of branches in several worldwide destinations, including Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, Miami, Hollywood, Saint-Tropez, New York, Sardinia, Marrakesh and Marbella.