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Energy Performance Certificate - Change in the law 2013 which effects everyone who has a property for sale or rent!

From  1st of June 2013 all properties sold or rented in Spain will need to have an Energy Performance Certificate. The owner of the  building or business premises will be responsible for obtaining the certificate, which they will need in order to sell or rent it. A copy of this document needs to be given to your agent!

What is an energy performance certificate?

It is a report that describes how efficient a home is in terms of energy consumption. It assigns an energy rating to each home on a scale which ranges from "A" (the most efficient) to "G" (the least efficient).

Who can issue an energy efficiency certificate?

Qualified engineers and technicians.

Will the technician need to visit the property?

Yes. They have to visit the property to take measurements and collect information about the property before drawing up and certifying the report.

How much is the energy certificate?

Depending on the size of your property between approx. € 200 and € 500

Who needs an energy certificate?

All properties being sold or rented out (including holiday rentals). After June 1st no sales will be able to go through the notary without having a certificate.

How long is the energy certificate valid for?

The certificate is valid for 10 years. This means owners will not have to obtain a new certificate during this period unless they renovate or change the property in any way.

We can arrange
for you the whole process through a qualified, experienced team of engineers and technicians who will provide a fully registered and approved energy performance certificate (EPC) within few days.

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