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One Speaks About

»VITALUX« – 2019 - 10th Anniversary of Doris Kavcic & Residencias Lujosas Vitalux!

Ten Years of Dedication, Success & thirst for knowledge in the international Real Estate industry!

Doris Kavcic, the owner of »Residencias Lujosas Vitalux, S.L.«, states, »those who appreciate themselves always develop further in their lives. This is the 10th year of »Vitalux« and it fills me with joy.« 2009 was a year when hardly anyone dared to start a new business in Spain. The success of Vitalux has increased due to her single-mindedness. 

Today, the company is firmly established with a wide range of properties, »from small residential gems to the most luxurious mansions«, constantly updated proposals for new developments, regular advertising in magazines and an international network. Owners are thrilled about the dedication that Vitalux shows in advertising its real estate portfolio, and success has not been far behind, with annual turnover increasing right from the company’s beginnings.

About the offer around Marbella you will find a, distinguished selection at, »We are at the right time at the right place for you!«, let yourself be inspired!